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How To Set Up A USB-Over-IP Server And Client With Ubuntu 10.04

Server side:
Linux (debian squeeze has usbip package in repository, lenny has not)

Client side:
Windows (32bit only)

How to install the virtual usb bus driver on Windows XP:
according to this forum post you can follow these steps

1. Uncompress the downloaded binary package to a directory.
2. Double-click the 'Add Hardware' wizard in Control Panel.
3. At the 'Welcome to the Add Hardware Wizard', click 'Next'.
4. Select 'Yes, I have already connected the hardware', then click Next.
5. Select 'Add a new hardware device' from the list, then click Next.
6. Select 'Install the hardware that I manually select from a list(Advanced)', and then click next.
7. Select 'System Devices', then click Next.
8. Click 'Have Disk', click 'Browse', choose the uncompressed directory, and click OK.
9. Click on the 'Virtual USB Bus Enumerator', and then click Next.
10. At 'The wizard is ready to install your hardware', click Next.
11. Click Finish at 'Completing the Add/Remove Hardware Wizard.'

To use it:

1. open a command prompt window, cd to the uncompressed directory.

2. run usbip -l to list the exported devices from ip

3. run usbip -a 2-1 to imported the device.

(Of course, you should change and 2-1 to something else)
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2011-01-14 15:13
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